Indigenous Leadership

Skateboarding in Australia has a strong representation of Indigenous people and backgrounds, and over the years a lot of development programs have been focused on places with strong indigenous populations.

Skateboarding is a place where our first nations people are celebrated and welcomed with open arms.

In 2020, Top Indigenous skateboarders united to deliver the first nations skateboarding showcase at the Rumble on the Reef. This was an indigenous demo, and was widely received by the community. Our focus it to continue the good work of our brothers and sisters and create a strong representation of our indigenous skateboarders and the community.

Josh is an absolute leader on and off the skateboard. Josh was born and raised in Toowoomba with his ancestors hailing from the St George Region.

He spends time with the up and coming skateboarders regularly and offers support as well as being a great friend to the other competitors and bringing a great energy to skateboarding events.

Josh will be our Ambassador for Indigenous affairs and an advisor who will collaborate with the initiative to make sure First Nations people have a voice in skateboarding.

Joshs Vision and dream is to continue to develop the indigenous showcase events and take them on the road across Australia to major events in every state.