20 For the Girls

Currently in Female skateboarding there is a need to improve the opportunities for all and progress Female Skateboarding into the future.
There are a number of improvements that need to happen, and hurdles themselves that are can make it hard to have a blanket approach and make quick decisions.
These challenges will resolve with one simple thing, increased participation. Funding, Prize money, programs and resources will all increase as female participation increases.

The #20forthegirls program will aim to increase participation in womens skateboarding by encouraging coaches to assist 20 new girls for free to help them get started in skateboarding. This would be 20 one off lessons to get them going and will have a dramatic impact per year if a number of coaches get involved. Coaches below are ones who are taking part in the program.

#20forthegirls Coaches

Donny Fraser - Region - Brisbane

Tora Waldren - Region - Gold Coast
Kale Hennessy - Region - Gold Coast / Logan

Michael Harris Walker - Region - Adelaide Metro

If you are a coach and want to join, do a post and use the Hashtag #20forthegirls and we will add you to this list.